TIN & LASH Unlimited Lash Fill Membership Terms and Conditions

Last updated October 28th, 2017

The Tin & Lash Unlimited Lash Fill Membership (the “Membership”) is a subscription membership of TIN & LASH LLC (T&L).  The Membership is designed to offer benefits to T&L members who commit to a monthly autopay membership. By taking advantage of Membership benefits, a Membership participant agrees to the terms and conditions for the Membership which are set forth below (these “Membership Rules”).  We may change these Membership Rules; change, add, or eliminate Membership benefits, or participating locations; or change or end the Membership or any feature of the Membership; in whole or in part, at any time, and without notice or compensation, even though such actions may affect rewards or benefits in the Membership or your participation in the Membership.

Eligible Participants; Enrollment; Continuing Eligibility

Eligible participants in the Membership are individuals who enroll for a monthly autopay T&L membership using a valid debit or credit card.  As part of enrollment, all required membership documents, agreements and waivers must also be completed and submitted, including any Membership forms.  To continue to be eligible in the Membership, the participant’s membership and membership account must remain in good standing with T&L at all times, including, without limitation, by not terminating or changing the participant’s T&L membership, or allowing the participant’s T&L membership to be terminated or lapse, and by maintaining payment by autopay for participant’s monthly membership fees.  Once Membership eligibility ceases, a member may not take advantage of Membership benefits.

Benefits of the Membership

As of the date of these Membership Rules, the standard benefits of the Membership are as follows:

  1. Unlimited Eyelash Extension Fills.  Initial eligible Unlimited Lash Fill members will receive unlimited 45 minute eyelash extension fill appointments. Participants may not schedule more than 2 appointments within a week. Participants must schedule appointments during operating business hours as defined on our website (http://www.tinlash.com).
  2. Freezes and Cancellations.  A member may freeze their account at any given time. Members will pay a flat rate of $7/mo for freezing their account. The member’s Membership and T&L benefits will reinstate once the freeze is over.  If a member does not comply with the freeze, or if a member cancels the member’s membership (whether by affirmative cancellation, nonpayment or otherwise), or if a member’s membership is terminated by T&L for any reason, the member will forfeit Membership enrollment and benefits, and may later reapply for T&L membership at then current T&L membership rates, subject to any applicable terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions.  Freezes and cancellations are based on a member’s billing cycle; T&L does not prorate months of membership. A 30 day notice in written form is required for any cancellation.
  3. Service Discounts.  All Unlimited Lash Fill Members will receive 15% off all services provided by T&L, unless otherwise noted on the pricing page on T&L’s website (http://www.tinlash.com/pricing). At times, a discount percentage may be written alongside the dollar amount for the service. T&L will honor the lower of the two if there is a discrepancy.

Appointments/ Late Cancellation & No-Show Policy

By appointments only. Unlimited Lash Fill Members will be able to request a stylist but will not be guaranteed that the stylist will be the one performing the service. Members must notify T&L 24 hours in advance when rescheduling or canceling. Each no-show and late cancellation will be charged $35.


In addition to the other limitations and restrictions set forth in these Membership Rules, the following additional limitations and restrictions also apply.  Membership benefits are nontransferable and may only be used by the applicable member, and only so long as the individual is in good standing with T&L.  Membership benefits have no cash value, and are not redeemable for cash or any substitute.  Membership benefits cannot be combined with any other offer, coupon or promotion, including any other promotional offers available to Membership participants through the Membership.  Membership benefits cannot be applied to a prior purchase.

Changes to the Membership or Benefits

We have the right at any time, in whole or in part, with or without giving you prior notice, to:

  • change these Membership Rules;
  • end the Membership and/or any specific Membership benefit;
  • change, add or eliminate any participating locations or Membership benefits;
  • change any requirements for initial or continuing eligibility;
  • change any other feature of the Membership;
  • offer Unlimited Lash Fill membership or other program memberships through specific and/or restricted portals and methods, and offer different, additional and/or modified benefits, terms and conditions for participants accepting through such portals or methods. The foregoing actions may be taken even though such actions may affect benefits in the Membership or your participation in the Membership.  We may make such changes and update these Membership Rules at any time.  If we do change the Membership Rules, then the revised Membership Rules will be substituted.  A participant’s continued participation in the Membership constitutes the member’s acceptance of any changes to these Membership Rules.  Consult the Membership Rules for terms and conditions then applicable to the Membership.


T&L reserves the right to interpret and apply these Membership Rules.  All determinations by T&L shall be final and conclusive in each case.  Our failure to enforce any term of these Membership Rules shall not constitute a waiver of that provision or any other provision of these Membership Rules.


Please talk to a Tin & Lash team member at a participating location if you have any additional questions regarding the Membership, or call 206-408-2113 for more information.